Move-N Software creates relevant, integrated products and purpose-built solutions specifically for Retirement, Assisted Living, and Memory Care communities. Meet targeted budget and census goals as you deliver on your promise of excellent resident care.

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Marketing & CRM

Our products’s intelligent design simplifies and magnifies marketing efforts by strategically guiding users through the lead generation process. Then, it quickly helps turn qualified inquiries into long-term residents.

  • Predictive analytics and guided sales prompts

  • Key processes designed to drive significant growth

  • Help exceed census and budget goals

Marketing Automation

Nurture leads and move prospects through the sales process by utilizing drip marketing automation. Staff can focus their attention on other tasks and leave the marketing to Move-N.

  • Automate time-consuming, repetitious yet essential census building tasks

  • Significantly boost and nurture leads

  • Automate personalized outreach to unlimited prospects, leads, and residents

  • Dramatically increase lead conversion and ROI

Resident Care

Give staff the tools they need to deliver the highest quality of resident care efficiently. Up-to-date assessments and individualized, customized care plans ensure each resident receives the attention they need.

  • Comprehensive, easy resident data flow

  • No duplicate data entry

  • Captures actual cost of care and lost care revenue

Billing & Accounts Receivable

Your billing tools should be as unique as your industry. Our accounting program was designed for assisted living and retirement communities, not nursing homes or apartment complexes.

  • Easy to read customizable statements

  • Pro-rate and pop-up reminders help eliminate missed charges

  • Provide greater insight into your financials

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Corporate Analytics

Quickly analyze productivity and develop strategies that result in increased census and profitability across your communities. Gain a competitive edge with quick and easy access to data and in-depth, trended reporting from all your communities.

  • Standard charts and graphs with highly relevant Corporate, Regional, and Community drill through data comparisons

  • Business Intelligence delivered both through an API and comprehensive, easy-to-manipulate data sets

  • Analyze and understand community and market trends


Generate a reliable stream of leads through your website. Centerpointe helps ensure prompt follow-ups, increasing the likelihood of converting a qualified lead to a community resident.

  • Capture and nurture more leads

  • Minimize the cost of lead generation

  • Maximize your community’s marketing budget


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Our Newest Features

Our software was developed to create a resilient census, which drives revenue and enables communities to provide high-quality care. In our industry, however, quality care is constantly changing. We continuously build upon our products and expand our platform to keep up with the industry’s evolving needs.


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