January leads rebounded from the seasonal holiday decline with an almost 30% increase in inquiries from last January. Tours also picked up, with almost 27% more tour activity in 2023 when compared to same time last year. The time to convert tours to move-ins has improved as well in January, 59 days being the fewest number of days to convert a tour in the last six months, and a 36% reduction from the December average. Census is 6% higher than in January 2022 but year over year move-ins were still their lowest in the last six months. Move-outs in January had the largest volume for the last six months and were 14% higher than in January of last year. Cash receipts were also up 14% from January 2022 and room revenues were up by 13%, but both showed a decline from December totals. Monthly fees had their first reduction in months, down 26% from same time last year. Care (assessment) fees and care levels have remained consistent for the last six months as we move into the new year, while ancillary service fees had the largest increase of the year resulting in a 46% increase over January 2022 service fee revenues.

January 2023 Senior Housing Census and Operations Update Text Graphic