July 2022 Update on Senior Housing and Census Operations

July 2022 leads had an increase of 9.5% over July 2021 and also showed a slight uptick from June. Reporting for initial tours was the reverse though, with 9.4% fewer tours than last July and slightly fewer tours than June. The number of days to convert tours to move-ins increased from 75 days in June to 92 days in July. Move-ins and move-outs were both at their lowest level since February of this year, with move-ins down by 20% and move-outs down 8.3% from July 2021. Census remained stable with a minor increase from June and over 7% higher than same time last year. Cash receipts were also unaffected and improved by over 16% compared to July of 2021. In year over year comparisons, residents with assessments increased 18.5% and assessment fee revenues increased by over 37%, both showing little change since February of 2022. Room revenues are also stable and continue to outperform 2021 revenue totals. Service fee revenues bounced back from their decline in June and were 33% higher than in July of last year, while monthly fees were consistent with June totals and over 71% above revenues reported for the same time last year.

July 2022 Senior Housing Census and Operations Update Text Graphic
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