November 2021 Update on Senior Housing and Census Operations

As we move from Thanksgiving to Christmas, there are signs of the typical seasonal slowdowns. Inquiries in November were improved over 12% from 2020 but reflected a decline in lead volume that began in September. While Tours showed a substantial increase over 2020 tour activity, they also exhibited a similar downward trend from previous months this year. Move-ins, while increasing almost 16% above 2020, have also trended slightly downward over the last few months. The good news is that the time to convert tours to move-ins has remained steady throughout the year, with an almost 29% shorter time frame than in November of 2020 and move-outs also declined by over 12% compared to same time last year.

Cash receipts, room revenues and assessment fees have been stable this year and continue to show slight increases each month. Care and ancillary charges have gained the most significant increases when compared to 2020, while revenues from other monthly charges have been consistently and significantly lower than in 2020.

The decline in outreach activity in October and November, particularly with referral sources, should be evaluated. This timing correlates with the reduction in lead volume during roughly the same time frame, and if it should continue, will likely have an impact on future lead volume and census. If Marketers are finding themselves stretched too thin to maintain this level of activity, it may be necessary to look at other alternatives such as Marketing Automation to allow them to focus on one-on-one interactions, and still maintain regular contact with future prospects and their referral network.

November 2021 Senior Housing Census and Operations Update Text Graphic
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