As the battle to move beyond COVID continues, September saw an increase in infection rates,hospitalizations, and deaths due to the Delta variant. Thankfully, census and revenues for senior housing providers did not show declines. Other indicators, such as tour and lead volume, showed only a slight reduction when compared to the past three months of 2021. Compared to 2020, all these indicators were improved, some even significantly. Cash receipts held steady, and while move-ins had a slight decrease from prior months, there was an almost 20% increase over same time last year. Move-outs were up almost 11% compared to 2020, but room rate revenues still showed a slight increase. Incidents reported dropped sharply from both same time last year and the previous month, while residents requiring care increased over 15% versus September of last year and care revenues (assessment fees) have grown 32% for the same time period. However, monthly fee revenues have yet to rebound and converting a tour to a move-in has slowed down and is now averaging 90 days, up by 26 days since August and 10 days longer than the average over the previous five months.

September 2021 Senior Housing Census and Operations Update Text Graphic